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The Impact of Recycling Solutions on Processing Plastic Annually

Edge Materials Management Recycling Solutions

Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste end up in landfills and oceans. This growing concern has spotlighted the crucial need for recycling solutions in managing plastic waste effectively. By embracing innovative recycling practices, companies are not just tackling the waste management crisis but also contributing to a more sustainable future. 

Recycling solutions significantly reduce the volume of plastic waste, lessen environmental pollution, and conserve natural resources by reprocessing used materials for new products. As we continue to seek sustainable practices globally, understanding the impact of these recycling efforts on processing plastics is more important than ever. 

Current Plastic Consumption and Waste Generation

Plastic pollution has wreaked havoc on our planet's ecosystems, posing grave threats to marine life, ecosystems, and human health. Despite the growing awareness of the need for recycling, current recycling rates for plastic still need to improve. One of the key obstacles regarding everyday recycling solutions is contamination, where non-recyclable items end up mixed with recyclable materials, rendering the whole batch unsuitable for recycling. 

The lack of proper infrastructure and investment in recycling facilities further exacerbate the challenge, leaving a significant portion of plastic with nowhere to go. Consumer behavior also plays a crucial role, with many people and corporations still not actively participating in recycling programs or properly disposing of their plastic waste. 

Globally, over 450 million tons of plastic are produced each year, with approximately 1-2 million tons ending up in the oceans. This accumulation of plastic waste not only harms marine life but also poses a threat to human health through the food chain. The urgency to find sustainable solutions to tackle this issue has never been more critical. By implementing effective recycling solutions and raising awareness about the consequences of plastic pollution, we can strive toward a cleaner and healthier planet for future generations, a core mission for our operations here at Vantage Plastics. 

How Do Plastic Recycling Solutions Contribute to a Greener Environment?

Plastic recycling is crucial in safeguarding the environment and creating a sustainable future. By embracing recycling solutions, a range of benefits can be realized, significantly contributing to environmental preservation and resource efficiency.

Energy Conservation

Recycling plastic helps conserve energy compared to producing new plastic from raw materials. The process of recycling consumes less energy, leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Using recycled plastic can decrease the reliance on energy-intensive processes involved in creating virgin plastic.

Reducing Demand for Raw Materials

One of the primary advantages of plastic recycling is its ability to lessen the demand for raw materials such as petroleum and natural gas. By reusing plastic materials, the need for extracting and processing fresh resources is minimized, thereby helping to preserve natural ecosystems and biodiversity.

Reduced Fossil Fuel Consumption

Plastic recycling solutions contribute to a decrease in fossil fuel consumption, as they require less energy during the manufacturing phase. Using recycled plastic can lower our dependence on fossil fuels, which are limited resources with significant environmental impacts when extracted and burned.

CO2 Emission Reduction

The recycling of plastic helps lower carbon dioxide emissions released during the production of new plastic. Since recycling involves less energy than virgin plastic manufacturing, the carbon footprint associated with plastic products decreases.

Reduced Landfill Use

Recycling solutions significantly reduce the volume of waste sent to landfills. Plastic takes a considerable amount of time to decompose, and by diverting plastic waste to recycling facilities, we can alleviate the pressure on landfills and mitigate the environmental harm caused by excessive landfill usage.

Promotes a Sustainable Lifestyle

Embracing plastic recycling promotes a sustainable lifestyle by encouraging responsible consumption habits. It fosters a culture of reusing resources, minimizing waste generation, and enhancing awareness about the environmental repercussions of plastic pollution. Recycling solutions embody the essence of sustainable living and advocate for a greener, cleaner future for future generations.

EDGE Materials Management Applies a Forward-Thinking Approach to Plastic Production

Edge Materials Management, established in 2016 in Standish, Michigan, is at the forefront of industrial recycling and sustainability solutions. As a member of the Vantage Plastics family of companies, Edge focuses on managing the lifecycle of recyclable plastics, transforming waste into valuable resources through innovative processes and a commitment to a circular economy.

Edge's recycling process is meticulous and comprehensive. It begins with collecting well-used products, scrap materials, and other recyclables. Each material undergoes detailed analysis, sorting, and processing. This includes shredding, granulating, washing, and drying to ensure the highest quality standards. Edge manages approximately 8 million pounds of plastics annually, including HMWPE, HD, and PP, and an additional half million pounds of structural foam (EPP). The result is a surplus of high-grade plastic resin pellets ready for reuse in manufacturing. 

Vantage Plastics has a standout recycling solution initiative, which is its guaranteed buy-back program. This allows customers to return obsolete plastic products for recycling. This program promotes a circular economy by ensuring that materials are continuously reused rather than ending up in landfills. Additionally, Edge educates the next generation on best recycling practices, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. Edge’s impact extends beyond local efforts. We have expanded our recycling operations nationwide and are exploring innovative initiatives to recycle marine plastics. In conjunction with programs by the Canadian government, Edge aims to capture and recycle ocean plastics, including buoys, fishing lines, and nets. This initiative underscores Vantage Plastics' commitment to tackling plastic waste on a global scale.

Our active pursuit of plastic recycling solutions sets Edge apart in the plastics industry. Unlike many manufacturers, Edge guarantees to buy back and repurpose plastics, preventing millions of pounds of material from ending up in landfills. Edge has expanded its operations at Vantage Plastics' new Wilder Road Facility, which is intended to improve logistics and provide the company with a simplified opportunity to reprocess more materials and eliminate additional costs. Our ongoing efforts to develop new recycling techniques and expand their reach demonstrate our dedication to making a profound environmental impact. Join us in our vital mission to promote a sustainable future and a circular economy.

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