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Custom Thermoforming Excellence at Vantage Plastics

Vantage Plastics specializes in custom thermoforming, offering innovative and environmentally friendly products. They focus on creating recyclable, reusable, and sustainable products. With a commitment to continuous improvement through research and development, they provide end-to-end solutions, from concept design to finished product. They are dedicated to meeting specific customer needs, boasting a wide range of capabilities to ensure diverse custom solutions in thermoforming. Their approach sets them apart as a truly custom thermoforming company.

Award Winning Designers

We are the one-stop shop for all your plastics needs.

Patented Technology

We have several patent pending products developed in house that we can utilize to help your next project launch.

Industry Awards

We earned two Gold Awards at the 2023 Society of Plastics Engineers thermoforming conference.                

Custom Designs

We will create a bespoke solution to your packaging or shipping need.                                                                  

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Transform your ideas into reality with Vantage Plastics' custom design services. Let's create innovative, tailor-made thermoforming solutions together!

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