The WELL Outreach

The WELL Outreach is a community-centered nonprofit founded by Vantage Plastics, dedicated to empowering individuals and families by Weaving Effective Leadership and Life Skills.


The Well Outreach envisions a community where individuals and families are empowered to take charge of their lives through programs that awaken their potential, despite challenges faced in their past.


The mission of The WELL Outreach is to support individuals and families, providing them with resources and tools to build a stronger community, focusing on empowering individuals and families through various programs and initiatives.


The organization values empowerment through education, aiming to assist individuals and families in achieving personal growth and financial stability through programs like Financial Peace University.

How we help

295 +

Backpacks a year

200 +

Families Fed

5 K

Yearly Race

1000 S

Impacted Locally

Outreach workers with donated toys
WELL Outreach workers and volunteers with some of the donated Christmas gifts.
Volunteer at a local event
Volunteer at a local event.
runners at a 5K race
A group of runners from our fall family fun run - Run for the WELL of It!
Volunteers handing out supplies to the local community
Volunteers with donations at one of our local summertime events.

Empowering People * Empowering Families * Empowering Community

Weaving Effective Leadership and Life Skills

At The WELL Outreach, we believe in the power of empowerment: empowering people, families, and communities. As a non-profit 501c3 organization, our mission is clear – to foster a resilient community by enabling individuals to take control of their lives and weave together essential leadership and life skills.

Our approach involves a diverse range of programs designed to awaken the latent potential within individuals who may have been overlooked or underestimated. These programs encompass:

  1. Skills Training: Equipping individuals with the necessary hard skills sought after by employers. Through partnerships with local colleges and established programs, The WELL provides training that enhances employability. Our dedicated training center serves as a hub for these skill-building initiatives.
  2. Employability Readiness: Guiding individuals to recognize and actualize their potential, preparing them for the workforce.
  3. Family Resources: Strengthening familial bonds by offering resources on financial planning, child development, relationship skills, parenting groups, and initiatives for both mothers and fathers. Collaborating with faith-based organizations, we aim to bolster family unity and support.
  4. Connecting Youth with Opportunities: Introducing high school students to local employment opportunities within Arenac County, bridging the gap between employers and potential employees.
  5. Community-Building Events: Organizing inclusive events that unite and strengthen the community fabric.

Looking ahead, our vision extends to collaborating with local government to introduce cultural opportunities, making the area more appealing for younger generations to stay and thrive.

The WELL Outreach doesn’t work in isolation. We are committed to collaborating with various entities, connecting available resources with identified needs, and innovating new resources where necessary.

We're proud of our contributions to date, including initiatives like the Halloween 5K - Run For The WELL of It, Back-to-School Supply Giveaway benefiting local kids, leadership seminars, training sessions, and financial support for community programs. Our training center has been utilized by various esteemed organizations, facilitating diverse programs aimed at community development.

Furthermore, we host events such as Women’s Bible Study, working on Child Care Supply Innovation Grants, and addressing crucial housing gaps in collaboration with local economic development initiatives.

The WELL Outreach is more than an organization; it's a community-driven initiative committed to uplifting individuals and enhancing the vitality of Arenac County. Join us in our journey of empowerment and community enrichment.

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4215 Airpark Drive

Standish, MI 48658

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