Sustainability is Key

One of Michigan's largest industrial recycling facilities

Cleaning, grinding, and pelletizing plastics, cardboard, and foam for sustainable reuse.

Building Sustainable Futures

Teaching the next generation recycling best practices

Showing local students how they can have an impact on the environment through recycling.

Leading by Example

Our Buy Back program promotes sustainability

We guarantee that we will buy back any used plastic parts that we have produced and recycle them to be used again.

Welcome to Edge Materials Management

A pioneering industrial recycling facility established in 2016 in Standish, MI!

Our core mission revolves around efficiently managing the afterlife of recyclable plastic products, and we've become an integral partner to Vantage Plastics and other eco-conscious companies seeking sustainable solutions. At Edge, we analyze and sort incoming materials, utilizing state-of-the-art extrusion plastometers for melt tests that determine material grade and type. With a robust processing system, including shredding, grinding, and granulation using our expansive 24x56 inch granulator, we ensure that materials are finely processed and meet our stringent production standards. Our thorough washing and drying phase guarantees the cleanliness and quality of plastic regrind pellets, which we proudly supply to Vantage Plastics for their production needs. Currently handling approximately 8 million pounds of plastics (HMWPE, HD, and PP) annually, and an additional half million pounds for structural foam (EPP), our commitment to expansion and growth drives our dedication to sustainable plastic recycling and superior material management. Join us in reshaping the future of eco-friendly plastic solutions!

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