Industries We Serve

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Expertise Across Industries

Automotive to aerospace, food handling to furniture, providing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of every sector.


Crafting durable, customizable parts since 1996.

Food Processing/Handling

Offering a full range of food packaging solutions.


Lightweight, customizable products that outperform traditional materials.


Innovating for improved product function and customer satisfaction.

Heavy Duty

Long-lasting, waterproof, and chemical-resistant products.


High-quality packaging ensuring protection and sterility.


Recyclable components for renewable energy applications.

Military & Aerospace

Tailored manufacturing solutions for specialized needs.


Heavy gauge thermoforming for logistics and cost improvements.

Consumer Products

Eye-catching packaging and product development assistance.

Lawn & Garden

Engaged in developing and producing garden-related items.


Enhancing furniture logistics and offering protective packaging solutions.


Custom shipping solutions with optional RFID tagging for efficient tracking.

More to Come

We are always looking for new industries or new partners to help us create innovative, sustainable products.