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Forming better solutions

Automatic packaging processes require custom solutions. We work with our clients to design and produce packaging that exceeds their needs.

Read more on our work to become one of GM's Supplier of the Year winners for 2023.

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Forming Better Lives

Forming better lives

When you become part of the Vantage Plastics team, you are joining an innovative organization. Each of our employees contributes to our culture based on our core company values.


Humbly Confident

Confident in our skills, knowledge and abilities but ready to engage with, listen to, and learn from others to discover yet even better ways.


Integrity in Action

Act with honesty, ethics, and strong moral principles, creating a trusting environment with those we serve.


Servant Hearts

Serving one another, our customers, our suppliers, and our community.

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Pursue Growth

Identifying opportunities that will always exist and acting on those that will align with our mission.

Forming sustainable futures

Sustainable, recyclable, thin gauge and thick gauge thermoforming products that save you money while conserving our environment.

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Experience next-level plastic manufacturing with our custom thermoforming process. Craft durable, customized thermoplastic products using volume plastic resins and precision techniques like thick-gauge thermoforming. Our expertise in thermoplastics ensures quality and durability in every product. Elevate your industry standards with our innovative custom plastic manufacturing solutions!