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Paul and George: Brothers Driving Sustainability and Innovation


Paul and George


Paul: A Visionary Leader with Roots in TraditionLeadership-1-2

Paul's journey from the family farm in Coleman, MI, to the CEO of Vantage Plastics is a story of vision, determination, and ethical grounding. Raised in an environment where resourcefulness and efficiency were paramount, his father, a WWII veteran, and grandparents who lived through the depression instilled in him a profound respect for resources and the importance of sustainability. This ethos, deeply embedded during his academic tenure at MSU in the AgTech program, eventually led him away from a path in farming with his brother Sam to explore the potentials of thermoforming at Robinson Industries. 

His leadership as CEO is marked by a steady, calm approach, grounded in faith and humility. Paul’s philosophy of transforming from "good to great" has not only driven the company forward but also ensured that these transformations are sustainable and ethically sound. He’s also a key player in community initiatives, co-founding The WELL Outreach and remaining actively involved in church and local organizations.

George: Strategic Mind and Community AdvocateLeadership-5

George, the first in his family to attend college, embarked on a diverse educational journey at CMU, covering fields from business to psychology, capped with a master's in science of administration. His varied academic background and career in financial services and senior living consultancy have equipped him with a unique perspective that he brought into his role as Vice President of Strategic Development at Vantage Plastics.

George's strategic approach is not just about fostering sales growth; it's about understanding and setting trends in innovation and sustainability. His leadership style, characterized by humility, engagement, and active learning, complements his brother Paul’s, making them a formidable team in the business world. Beyond his corporate responsibilities, George is deeply involved in his community, contributing his time and expertise to various boards and nurturing projects that fuel his passion, like his property development in Tennessee.



Together: Building Vantage Plastics on Shared ValuesVP first year 3

When Paul and George teamed up with Carl Baumann to found Vantage Plastics, they brought together the best of their worlds. Their childhood lessons from the farm—where nothing went to waste and everything had a purpose—shaped their business practices. This led them to focus on sustainable solutions like participating in the Reusable Packaging Association Sustainability Committee and collaborating with Ocean Legacy for reusable packaging options.

Their strategic meetings early in the company’s history set the tone for their ethical and responsible approach to business, guided by their Christian faith and a deep commitment to doing unto others as they would have done unto them. They leveraged their individual strengths—Paul’s expertise in thermoforming, George’s financial acumen, and Carl’s manufacturing insights—to create a company that represents the pinnacle of innovation, sustainability, and community focus.

Innovations crucial to their growth, such as obtaining ISO certification and adapting technologies to meet future demands, underscored their proactive stance on improving continuously. Their motto, "the impossible just takes a little longer," reflects their determination and creative problem-solving skills honed on their family farm.

Vantage Plastics stands today as a testament to how businesses can thrive on the principles of teamwork, innovation, and a relentless commitment to community and environmental stewardship. Paul and George have not just built a company; they have cultivated a legacy that echoes their shared upbringing and values, making a significant impact both within and beyond the industry.

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