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Meet Teryn Nott



Pictured Above: Teryn Nott with her significant other, Garrett Sherman, and family

It is our great honor to introduce Teryn Nott. If you were to meet Teryn, you would always find her to be very upbeat whenever seen working within our production facilities. Her enthusiasm for the work we do can be pretty contagious. Teryn grew up and has lived and worked in Arenac County her entire life. Teryn currently lives in Standish and has two daughters, Madyson, 20, and Lilyen, 12, and two sons Bryer 9, and Lyncoln age 8. As you notice, each name includes the letter “Y” which is a tradition that Teryn attributes to being started by her mother. Teryn lives with her significant other, Garrett Sherman, who also works at Vantage Plastics and has a son named Liam.

Teryn will be with Vantage Plastics for three years this coming December. She was referred by Tanner Hamby, who also works at Vantage Plastics, and told her about the work, suggesting that she apply. After her initial visit and seeing the big thermoforming machines, Teryn shared, “I didn’t think I could do the job. The big machines scared me. However, I thought I could at least handle the assembly work.” Teryn is now a Level 2 Operator of a machine running it and making products. She is often found training new hires and overseeing a crew. Teryn says, “I love the fact that I have to think as an operator.” She makes a distinction between thinking and just paying attention. Teryn says, “I get bored pretty easily. So, being an operator is perfect for me because there are so many variables that can affect what we do, and I have to know how to adjust things to achieve high-quality products and meet production goals. On any given day, the material we are molding might be different or a function within the machine. Ambient temperatures, airflow within the building, or other factors can also have an impact and are things I need to be aware of.” Since Vantage Plastics is a custom thermoformer, the factory is continually putting different tooling into the thermoforming machines to form a wide variety of different products, Teryn says, “I love set-ups and the challenge of getting everything just right to run production efficiently.” She also says, “I love the people I work with and learning to develop new techniques to make the work easier as time goes on.” Since Teryn often works with new hires in training, she says, “A lot of trainees say “I don’t think I can do this job,” but by the end of the day, I have them loading the machine, making parts, trimming, and stacking the finished goods.”

Prior to working at Vantage Plastics, Teryn worked in a variety of jobs, including being a recreation director at an outdoor camp, fast food places, bartending, and even at a slaughter house. Teryn shares that she has worked at Vantage Plastics longer than she has ever worked anywhere else. Outside of work, Teryn keeps very busy. Since three of her kids are involved in sports, she is constantly juggling schedules and running to and fro. She also keeps busy cooking meals and cleaning. She says, “I love flowers and trying to grow things, but I don’t really have a green thumb or the time required to do it right.”

We are delighted to have Teryn as a member of our team. She is a highly engaged teammate and integral in helping us pursue the vision of our team. As a member of the Vantage Plastics team, Teryn Nott has certainly been helping fulfill the Vantage Plastics’ Mission of Forming Better Lives, Forming Solutions, and Forming Sustainable Futures.

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