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Meet Joseph Switala

Joseph Switala

Pictured Above: Joseph Switala, his girlfriend Makenzie, and her daughter, Natalie

It is our pleasure to share this story about Joseph Switala. Joseph has been with Vantage Plastics for roughly three years. Initially, after joining the team, he took a position on the production floor. After a couple of months, he moved into the front office, taking a role with our design group designing products to be manufactured. Pictured Above Joseph, Natalie, and (1)This background makes him a great fit for his current role as our quoting specialist. So, if you have received a quote for a project or have a project in mind, there is a good chance Joseph either developed your quote or will prepare your pending request. The experience Joseph gained by working on the floor and developing designs equipped Joseph with valuable insights regarding how jobs will run. This helps him tremendously when developing accurate costing models. 
Joe recently led the effort of selecting and developing customizations of a new quoting software program that increases efficiency to provide fast and accurate responses to customer requests. When asked what he likes about working at Vantage Plastics and his position, Joe says, “I really like my co-workers. We all get along well and help each other out. In regards to doing quotes, I think of them as being like a puzzle. I have liked doing puzzles since I was a little kid. There are all of these various pieces you need to put together to come up with the final picture.” 

Prior to joining Vantage Plastics, Joseph attended Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan. While there, he took courses in the Mechanical Engineering program. He also participated in a couple of co-op programs, one of which was with Johnsonville Sausage in Wisconsin. Since then, he has also worked at a few different companies in various positions which enhanced his business acumen. Unfortunately, after being in the Michigan Technology program for three years, the COVID pandemic came about, and Joseph had to move back home to Sterling with his family near Vantage Plastics.

Pictured Above Joseph, Natalie, and (2)Outside of work, Joseph has been dating his girlfriend, Makenzie, for three years and is also involved in the life of her daughter, Natalie. When asked what he does in his spare time, Joe says, “I have too many toys. I like power sports and have a dirt bike, 4-wheeler, and a side-by-side.” He also says, “I like to hunt a lot, and I do a little bit of woodworking.” Most recently, he purchased a smoker and is working to perfect some smoked meat recipes, such as pulled pork and briskets. While he attended Michigan Technological University, he enjoyed cliff diving at a location called Canyon Falls. It had a thirty-two-foot drop to the water that was around nineteen feet deep. Joseph also enjoys camping whenever possible and likes returning to the Upper Peninsula when he can.

Joseph grew up in Sterling, where his parents still reside. He attended Standish Schools, played football, and was a member of the swim team during high school. He also played baseball when he was younger. As a member of the Vantage Plastics Team, Joseph Switala is certainly helping us fulfill the Vantage Plastics’ Mission of Forming Better Lives, Solutions, and Sustainable Futures. 

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