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Breaking into a New Industry

Breaking Into A New Industry

Since our inception, Vantage Plastics has worked with multiple industries. Including automotive, food process/handling, recreation, medical, consumer, and many others. We feel strongly that diversifying the different industries we work with is an important part of what we do. Innovation is an essential part of who we are, and a big part of that comes from working with the different clients from all over the world and the industries they serve. Our team embraces the challenges of working with a new industry and we truly believe that every project is another tool to gain more knowledge.

One of our most recent adventures that we are very excited about is working with the poultry industry. Within the industry, Vantage Plastics has created a product called the EggSporter. The Eggsporter is an egg pallet that is used to transport eggs from the egg farms to the facility they are going to next. Our engineering team designed this product to assure maximum egg protection throughout the transporting process. The EggSporter can transport up to 1500 pounds of eggs without any damage. There’s been lots of discussion and reports about the germs and diseases wood pallets can produce, which is a reason we believe our plastic egg pallet is one of the best in the industry. These plastic pallets are easy to clean, sanitary, and can protect from diseases such as Avian Flu. The EggSporter also weighs 60 pounds less than wooden pallets, which creates efficient product transportation and lower shipping costs.

Within this product we also have the plastic pallet dividers. These separate the eggs flats being delivered so they can be stacked on one another. We have also developed “tic tacs”, which are plastic sheets that connect vertically with within the EggSporter to make it more durable and stronger while transporting. All of these different components make the perfect relationship to create the most modern egg handling equipment available in the industry.

Aside from the EggSporter, we have also started developing manure conveyor belts and egg conveyor belts for different egg facilities. We are excited to start working within this industry and look forward to furthering our relationships.