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Plastic Pallets

Vantage Plastics manufactures many pallets and trays for customers. Currently we have existing tooling for several different pallets from which several variations can be made. Many of these products were custom designed to provide solutions for specific customer needs. Thus, additional pallet designs will be added as customer and industry needs arise.

We offer single and twin sheet pallets that have all been tested to meet our rigorous testing standards. Testing trays and pallets used for shipping is very important, since products moved with or contained within pallets and trays are often very valuable, fragile, or needed to meet fulfillment requirements at the next destination. Protecting products in-transit is extremely critical – Vantage Plastics offers solutions you need to meet your unique needs.

Fully Customizable

Need something unique to your business?

We have produced a very wide range of products throughout our history. Since Vantage Plastics is a custom thermoforming business, an infinite number of products can be developed and produced based on the needs our customers. Plastic products can be produced with a draw as deep as four feet (4’), and as large as nine and a half feet by seventeen and a half feet (9’ 6” x 17’ 6”) in single or twin sheet formats.

Vantage Plastics can form sheets of plastic as thin as two tenths of an inch (0.020”), or as thick as one half inch (.500”). CNC, Computer Numerical Control, robotic trimming, drilling, and die cutting services are available on-site. Many of the products made at Vantage Plastics incorporate steel, carbon fiber, or our patented VanStack bars formed into the plastic material to add strength and rigidity. Whether you are already using thermoformed products, or have a project in need of a better solution, we have the capabilities to help your business succeed.

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Vantage Plastics works with a variety of industries and we are continually working to diversify as we continue to grow.


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