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Vantage Plastics has risen to the top of the thermoforming industry for good reason. Since our inception we have continually reinvested back into our operations as we have served the growing needs of our customers. We have continually reinvested in personnel, training, equipment, extrusion capacity, robotics, testing capabilities, and ongoing research and development. This has caused us to truly become a “One-Stop-Shop”. Thus we have evolved into one of the world’s most capable thermoforming companies. This evolution has helped us continually grow sales every year, as the number of our customers has grown so has the diversity of needs we have been able to satisfy. Vantage Plastics has steadily added thermoforming, and related equipment, over its years of operation, making it one of the best equipped, and “state of the art” Thermo-Formers in the world today. The terms “Thermoforming”, “Vacuum forming”, and “Pressure Forming” are often used interchangeably within this industry.


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Thermoforming is the process of taking a flat sheet of plastic and forming it into a contoured part or shape. This is done by taking a flat sheet of plastic and clamping it into a carriage, heating the sheet in a large oven, stretching the hot sheet over a mold and pulling a vacuum on the cavity to force the sheet to the contour of the mold. At this point in the process the sheet begins to cool with the assistance of fans placed around the mold and the plastic sheet becomes rigid again as it takes the shape of the mold. Learn about Thermoforming

Industries & Products we Serve


At Vantage Plastics, we offering thermoforming services to a wide variety of industries, including Automotive Manufacturers, Food Processing & Handling, Agricultural Manufacturers & Producers, Recreational Manufacturers & Products, Lawn & Garden Industry and more.


Many of the products made at Vantage Plastics incorporate steel bars formed into the plastic material to add strength and rigidity. As you can imagine we can produce a very wide range of products. Whether you are already using thermoformed products, or have a project waiting for a better solution, we have the capabilities to help.  Please contact us to see how we can be of benefit to you for your product needs. Discover our unique approach to exploring new and inventive ways to develop products which fill needs, and improve outcomes. Working within the parameters of design, and formability, imagination is the only limitation.






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