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VanTech is a proprietary material exclusively available through Vantage Plastics. It can be applied to certain other materials, such as our extruded high molecular weight polyethylene. It provides some very valuable advantages in the form of anti-chafing (VanTech 80), and anti-skid (VanTech 20) properties. These characteristics help protect sensitive products during shipping and handling. Its anti-skid property can be used to control the speed of movement over other surfaces such as rollers. These advantages can result in tremendous long term cost savings for our customers.


 Case Examples:

1) An automotive company was looking to transport sensitive auto parts to an assembly location using a plastic tray. Due to the sensitivity of the parts it was important to prevent any chafing of the HMWHDPE (High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene) which could foul up the parts potentially resulting in future recalls or vehicle failures. Quotes were sought from four Thermoforming companies. Three of these companies quoted the trays using traditional TPV buttons in each pocket on both sides of the trays to prevent the plastic “dust”, and particle producing, chafing.


Vantage Plastics quoted VanTech 80 on both sides of the extruded plastic sheet used for making the trays and won the bid. Vantage Plastics subsequently produced the aluminum production tooling, and manufactured the trays. In addition to using this unique approach to solve the chaffing issue Vantage Plastics was able to deliver a total program cost which ultimately resulted in a thirty percent (30%) lower figure than the other three Thermoforming companies. In addition this company experienced untold savings from keeping plastic dust and chafed plastic out of the sensitive parts being shipped.


2) A major shipping company wished to replace cardboard totes. These totes were used for containing multiple small packages as they moved over metal rollers during sorting operations. The cardboard totes did not move smoothly, and also created a great deal of cardboard “dust” within their facilities. These characteristics reduced efficiency, and negatively impacted the ergonomics of the work environment.


Vantage Plastics helped design a thermoformed plastic tote as a replacement for the cardboard tote thus providing multiple benefits. The “cardboard dust” was eliminated, the new tote is longer lasting, and the workplace ergonomics were greatly improved. Using the VanTech 20 material Vantage Plastics worked with a university laboratory to formulate a precise application which provided the customer with an exacting speed the new tote would move over the sorting rollers. This further reduced damages, improved employee satisfaction, reduced facility cleaning needs, and greatly improved efficiencies.


Please contact us for more information about Vantech, and to see how Vantage Plastics can work with you to develop a unique, and beneficial solution for your particular needs.


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