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Vantage Plastics believes we are to be good stewards of the earth’s environment, after all we live and work within it. Thus we are committed to operating in a conscientious manner, and to producing products which are environmentally friendly. We have a responsibility to leave a livable world for future generations. Thus the majority of products we produce are Recyclable, Reusable, Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, and Returnable at the end of their useful life cycle.


To assure compliance with our beliefs Vantage Plastics operates a plastics recycling facility on-site. It contains a large shredder with a throat size of 72” wide (seventy two inches) by 32” deep (thirty two inches). This large size allows us to efficiently grind trays, pallets, or most other appropriate plastics products. Once ground up this material can be reused to produce new products. This makes for a positive impact upon our environment.


Vantage Plastics even uses in-house vacuum systems that reclaim a large majority of the “off-fall scrap” which is generated as we trim the products we produce. This scrap is re-extruded for use in future projects, thus saving the environment and reducing costs for our customers.


We regularly buy back old products from our customers, and have the capability to set up a continuous recycling program with customers in some instances. We are always looking for new customers, and suppliers within this recycling area. We are able to re-extrude this reground plastic on-site and produce new products with it. If you are currently using thermoformed products from a source which does not offer these services please contact us to see how we can improve your outcomes.  If you have old plastic products that need to be recycled, or have an interest in learning more about our customer services in recycling, please contact us for current prices, or additional information.


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