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Vantage Plastics has risen to the top of the thermoforming industry for good reason. Since our inception we have continually reinvested back into our operations as we have served the growing needs of our customers. We have continually reinvested in personnel, training, equipment, extrusion capacity, robotics, testing capabilities, and ongoing research and development. This has caused us to truly become a “One-Stop-Shop”. Thus we have evolved into one of the world’s most capable thermoforming companies. This evolution has helped us continually grow sales every year, as the number of our customers has grown so has the diversity of needs we have been able to satisfy.


Vantage Plastics creates or manufactures almost everything in house. From our highly experienced design staff who is capable of FEA analysis and 3D modeling to our tooling and production capabilities we can meet all your needs. With all of our design capabilities, and in house tooling, we can turn projects around quickly. Having these capabilities in house also allows us to catch many design, and subsequent manufacturing problems ahead of time. With our testing and simulation modeling programs the desired function of products can be investigated in advance to see if customer requirements will be met. Thus corrections can be made prior to making the production tooling. This saves our customers valuable time and reduces costs in getting the finished product to market.


The large array and capacity of our thermoforming equipment generally allows us to schedule your job quickly, thus enabling it to be completed and shipped on time. Since we have also expanded our extrusion capabilities, allowing us to create our own plastic sheet with the exacting specifications required by the customer, greater quality control is achieved. The added logistics advantage of having onsite extrusion also saves significant time in turning projects around.


Whatever your project need may be, at Vantage Plastics you can be assured we can help develop a solution.


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