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Vantage Plastics has steadily added thermoforming, and related equipment, over its years of operation, making it one of the best equipped, and “state of the art” Thermo-Formers in the world today. The terms “Thermoforming”, “Vacuum forming”, and “Pressure Forming” are often used interchangeably within this industry.


Vantage Plastics currently houses twelve thermoforming machines. This includes four rotary vacuum formers which are twin sheet, or pressure form capable. Twin sheeting opens the door to multiple design options, and greatly improves the ability to produce products with outstanding structural strength. The most recently added of these rotary machines is one of the largest in existence. It is capable of running multiple cavity tools simultaneously to provide rapid output of large production runs, or it can produce single plastic products as large as nine and a half feet by seventeen and a half feet in size (9’ 6” x 17’ 6”).


Additionally, Vantage Plastics has six single sheet rotary vacuum formers with the capability to produce plastic products, as large as, seven feet six inches by eleven feet six inches in size (7’ 6” x 11’ 6”). One single sheet double shuttle thermo-former capable of producing plastic products, as large as, seven feet six inches by twelve feet six inches in size (7’ 6” x 12’ 6”), and one single sheet pressure/twin sheet thermo former with the ability to produce plastic products up to six feet by ten feet in size (6’ x 10’).


Using these machines Vantage Plastics can run very thin sheet to very thick sheet depending on the requirements of the plastic products being produced. Thickness can range from three tenths of an inch (0.03”) up to one half inch (0.500”).


Each thermoforming, or pressure forming station has the ability to report real time production data via computer stations located at the machine. This allows immediate up to date information on the status of customer production runs. This also provides Vantage Plastics with the ability to track efficiency, capacity, quality, and other internally monitored benchmarks. Thus giving us the ability to provide superior customer service.


So regardless of your need, size of you product, or required production quantity, Vantage Plastics has the required machine capabilities. Please contact us to see how our superior machine capabilities can be of benefit to you. Discover our unique approach to exploring new and inventive ways to develop products which satisfy needs, and improve outcomes.


Three Station Rotary Thermformer


Single Station Shuttle Thermoformer

Station Rotary Thermoformer
Station Shuttle Thermoformer

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