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Lawn and Garden PalletsAre you a part of the Lawn and Gardening Industry? If so it is likely Vantage- Plastics will be able to help you. Since our facilities are located in a rural area, many of the personnel at Vantage Plastics are actively involved in gardening, lawn work, and related property functions. Thus we have a significant interest in this industry. Vantage Plastics has done a number of lawn and garden industry projects, and has several products under development.


If you are part of the lawn and garden industry we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Please contact us to see how our superior capabilities and services can help satisfy your needs.


If you are already using thermoformed plastics, but haven’t used Vantage Plastics as your source, please connect with us to see how we can offer you many advantages.


If you are not currently using thermoformed plastics what system, product, or application can we help you design to bring improvement? We are confident there are a number of yet to be discovered applications for plastics.


Discover our unique approach to working with customers, in discovering new and inventive ways to develop and produce products, which solve problems and improve outcomes.


Case Example:


 A lawn and garden company came to us and needed a shipping solution for small engines. After gathering information about issues and concerns the company had, we designed a thermoformed product to work in conjunction with a steel rack. The customer had concerns that the engine would jump out of its pocket during shipment. In this case the solution was to attach rubber straps to the tray on one side of the engine, which could be pulled over the engine and hooked on the other side. Thusly the straps hold the engine in place during shipment. Since the straps are attached to the tray they do not get misplaced or lost. The whole system is simple, easy to use, and effective. Most importantly the customer has been very satisfied.


Vantage Plastics would welcome the opportunity to work on your lawn and garden project. We offer a great deal of expertise, experience, and capability to provide you with creative, competitive, and effective solutions.


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