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Cheese TraysThermoformed plastics, and the custom development procedures offered through Vantage Plastics have many benefits, which can greatly improve the food and beverage processing and handling industry. Our heavy gauge thermoforming production capabilities give us the ability to produce products which can bear very heavy weight loads yet still protect the product being shipped. We can also develop designs which maximize the load capacity within your preferred shipping vessel. In addition our heavy gauge products are very strong and can withstand the many rigors encountered during the handling process. Thus our products are generally reused continually over long periods of time. If they become obsolete relative to their initial use, they can generally be recycled.


Thermoformed plastics are also very easy to clean or sanitize. Liquids do not absorb thus protecting products, or helping to contain fluids if desired. Pallets and containers can be designed in both an ergonomic and visually attractive manner. Thus our products can be designed to serve the dual purpose of an actual retail store display. Vantage Plastics would welcome the opportunity to investigate how our capabilities might help improve your food processing and food handling applications.


We are confident there are a number of yet to be discovered applications for plastics in the food and beverage processing and handling industry. Discover for yourself how our unique approach to working with customers, in discovering new and inventive ways to develop and produce products which solve problems and improve life.


Case Example:


Vantage Plastics solved a problem plaguing a cheese log producer by creating a new vacuum formed product made of a food grade olefin. The original packaging involved PVC tubing that stood upright in containers. The tubing was slightly larger than the cheese logs to facilitate placing the cheese within the tubes. However, during shipment the cheese would begin to settle and expanded out to the sides of the tubes. Thus a larger diameter was created at the bottom end of the cheese logs. This condition was very undesirable to the end user as it created different weights per inch of cut cheese. Working through a discovery phase with the customer Vantage Plastics thoroughly investigated several issues the customer was experiencing and as a result, designed a reusable, cleanable, and stackable thermoformed tray, which allowed the logs to lie horizontally, thus eliminating the settling issue previously experienced during shipping.


Additionally, the original design did not allow for a good return ratio at 1:1. The new design allows for a 6:1 return ratio, thus yielding substantial transportation savings. Needless to say this customer is extremely satisfied with the improvements.


If you are still using wood, cardboard, metal, or other materials in your food processing and handling applications you should investigate potential thermoformed plastic alternatives. Even if you are already using thermoformed plastics and Vantage Plastics is not your source we welcome the opportunity to explore how we might be able to provide you with new and improved creative solutions.



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