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Drive Shaft Package


Automotive PalletsWhen General Motors needed packaging for drive shafts that were being shipped from their supplier to the GM assembly plant, they came to Vantage Plastics.


The design requirements were tough. The packs would have to support the weight of the extremely heavy drive shafts. In addition no plastic shavings from the extremely sharp splines and threaded shafts could be created in the tray or on the parts.


Vantage Plastics engineering team came up with a solution to this complex problem. They created a thick gage, heavy-duty plastic tray, with crisscross stacking features that supported the load of close to 5000lbs. Then injection molded urethane inserts were clipped to the tray in the high wear areas to withstand the abuse that the splines and threaded shafts could dish out.


This package worked out great for General Motors. What challenges do you have for Vantage Plastics?

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