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Vantage Plastics has produced a number of agricultural products, and has several agricultural products under development. Our facilities are located within one of the largest agricultural areas of Michigan. Many of the personnel at Vantage Plastics have agricultural backgrounds, and thus have a strong interest in being involved in the development and manufacture of products for this marketplace. If you are connected to the agricultural industry we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Please contact us to see how our capabilities and services might serve your needs. If you are already using thermoformed plastics, but haven’t used Vantage Plastics as your source, please contact us to see how we can offer you many advantages.


If you are not currently using thermoformed plastics what system, product or application can we help you design which will bring new advancements to the agricultural industry? We are confident there are a number of yet to be discovered applications for which plastics offer the possibility of improvement.


Discover our unique approach to working with customers, in discovering new and inventive ways to develop and produce products, which solve problems and improve outcomes.


Case Example:


One product developed by Vantage Plastics is a pallet and divider system which is being used extensively for transporting eggs from farms to processors. The flat twin sheet plastic pallets transport 1500 pounds of eggs safely. The pallets and dividers are ergonomically designed for worker safety, weighing 60 pounds less than wood pallets. The pallet legs were designed with rounded corners for ease of cleaning. The tray lock divider panel was created to get a locking effect on the empty egg trays below. This product was created using high density polyethylene material which also stands up to the rigors of transportation and sanitizing operations. Collectively these benefits have yielded significant improvements over wood pallets. Thus greatly improving the egg processing aspect of the poultry industry, which is a significant component of the agricultural community.


Pallet and Divider with Egg Trays

Pallet and Divider Egg Trays

Egg Pallet Divider

Egg Pallet Divider
Egg Pallet Divider

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